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Pub: Neowiz Dev: Neowiz Status: Area: KRCB Date: 08-04-2015 OB Date: 08-25-2015 Release: Fee: Hits: 345,051
Project Black Sheep is an upcoming action title of Neowiz, it’s based on the middle age and Black Sheep is a religious organization belongs to pope, the organization tries to research and conceal some supernatural events. Players play as a new member of this organization, some big secrets will be surfaced with the game progressing. Project Black Sheep uses Vision Engine with special features that normal Vision Engine doesn’t have to offer. With this kind of physics in play, players can use their imaginations to interact with the environment. Monsters now have different hit boxes like arms and legs.

– See more at: http://gamelist.mmosite.com/g/asker-online.shtml#sthash.CHVp05RA.dpuf

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